• Why all cats should be 'indoor cats'

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    Over a year ago

    Hello There!

    If you have a cat as an animal companion then PLEASE don’t let them out alone, this tongue-in-cheek website actually makes a serious point about how much wildlife cats kill:

    Thanks for looking, give your kitty (or kitties) a snuggle from me 😉

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    Over a year ago

    I don’t think it’s irresponsible for them to say that. It’s the truth, there not at your door forcing your cats inside. They are just saying whats real. & many more people will tell you that cats are more safe inside then out that’s the truth. Yes, cats can survive living outside for their whole life, BUT a cat has a better chance of survival inside for many reasons. Just like you would have a better survival chance inside your house then out. Now a days cats are like babies they want to cuddle and be loved just like a human.

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    Over a year ago

    Repeat: There are dangers inside. It is possible to thwart cats that are hunting (another way is to bring them in at night as that is when they hunt the most). It’s irresponsible of PETA to say ALL cats should be indoor ones when they do not know the situation a person is in. If my neighbourhood is safe and I trust that the cats will come back, like on my father’s estate, I will allow the freedom they so need. Nobody can convince me otherwise.

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    Over a year ago

    My cat max was an outdoor cat all his life. He lived till 16, (we had to put him down). My current cat Milo is an outdoor cat, and only three times has he been caught attacking an animals, twice within the first year he became an out door cat. Two times we intervened before it go serious, and only once did he kill a bird, and he ate it. Here in my neighbour hood there are a good 8 cats, and the only animal to go missing have been dogs. In fact, right now there is two cats who have been “found”, proving people care about cats. I can not go anywhere without a cat coming up to me (slight exageration, but I do mean about 5 times a week) and rubbing up against me or asking for pets. It really does depend on where you live, my cat has been to the vet and he is a little over weight (2 pounds. We’e working on it) but other then that he is perfectly healthy. It really isn’t up to anyone to decide whether or not a cat [that belongs to someone they do not personally know and/or is not familliar with exactly where they live] should be kept indoors or outdoors.

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    Over a year ago

    Hey all,

    We strongly recommend that all companion cats be “indoor” cats. Without question, cats who spend all or most of their time indoors, venturing outdoors only when accompanied by their guardians, are much safer and less prone to developing health problems than cats who live outdoors or who go outdoors unattended. Cats who roam outdoors are far more likely to contract communicable diseases from other cats and to sustain injuries from encounters with dogs, free-living animals, and cruel humans.

    If you have free-roaming cat companions, make them safe—bring them indoors. Time and patience are both required, but the change will greatly increase your cats’ chances of staying healthy and happy. The key is to make the change gradually ( If you feel that your cats require time outdoors, take them for walks on a harness and leash and/or enclose your yard with a secure fence topped with Cat Fence-In (, a netting kit that prevents cats from wandering from the safety of their own yards.

    You can check out more tips on how to make your cats happy indoors here:

    Thanks! :)

    ~Annie from peta2.

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    Over a year ago

    If your not watching your cat & it goes out on the road and a car comes by there is a chance it will get no matter how fast the car is going. They are still safer inside but all my cats are outside. You can put stuff up that might hurt a cat inside. A cat has a much better chance of survival inside then they do out. I think most people will tell you that the dangers outside no matter where you live b.c you can’t know every danger outside because outside is endless… then being inside.

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