• Why all cats should be 'indoor cats'

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    Over a year ago

    Hello There!

    If you have a cat as an animal companion then PLEASE don’t let them out alone, this tongue-in-cheek website actually makes a serious point about how much wildlife cats kill:

    Thanks for looking, give your kitty (or kitties) a snuggle from me 😉

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    Over a year ago

    I don’t have any pets now, but I used to let my cats out all the time. I understand that they can get hit by a car or chased by a dog, but they’re still animals and they need fresh air as much as we do. They don’t like to be walked the way dogs do, so I just let them out. They always came out, fine and unscathed. The only thing that worried me was whether or not they’d get fleas from being around strays.

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    Over a year ago

    What chenli said.

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    Over a year ago

    Nomeat, I take offence from you comparing myself and others who let their cats out to letting a child roam freely among sexual predators. A totally inappropriate comparison. Like it or not, cats are not as far from their wild counterparts as most domesticated animals are. There are many places outside where they are safe and as I said, it is up to the carer to make a risk assessment, just like we do with our children (since you use that comparison). Also, cats are not like children in terms of anatomy. Cats have far superior hearing and eyesight to a child so are more aware of an oncoming danger than a child would be, especially in the dark as that is when they are at the best anatomically.

    Also, yes, wildlife is a healthier meal for a cat than factory farmed standard pet food. To believe the opposite is absurd when we have high rates of feline cancer, obesity, and other problems that can be linked to their diet. Cats are carnivores, and even though some people have successfully put their cats on vegan diets, it is not suitable for all. Every cat is different and has different tastes, health needs, and so on. You can’t go ahead and just simply turn every cat vegan – not only is it very unhealthy for the majority, it is also a gross neglect of their rights.

    Your point about insects is also moot. Insects come into the house. Poisonous chemicals are in the house as I mentioned before and other such dangers.

    About the only thing sensible you’ve said is spay and neuter. But don’t try to belittle others when you do not know their area, their companion cats needs or wants either. Each case is different and should be risk assessed by those who live with their companion cats. Not by a keyboard warrior.

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  • Profile photo of nomeatnodairynoprob1em

    Over a year ago

    @ Vegan4ever

    “Yes, that all can happen. But it can also happen to people, yet we go outside when we don’t need to.”
    You and I are adult humans who are aware of the dangers that exist outside in this human world, and we are capable of calculating the risks and determining whether or not the risks are worth taking.
    Cats aren’t aware of the dangers that exist outside for them in this human word.
    If you want to make a comparison between cats and humans, small children are the ones to compare them to.
    Letting your feline companion roam free outside (in this world) is like letting a very small child roam free after learning that there are a dozen serial rapists driving around in your town looking for small children to abduct.

    “When you only listen to PETA’s news about incidents of outdoor cats being attacked, it may seem like many.”
    It is many, regardless of whether or not a person listens only to PETA’s news.

    “millions of cats are outside and live fine”
    And millions are being tortured in labs and suffering slow painful deaths on the street as a result of people allowing their companion animals to roam free outside in this human world.

    “We shouldn’t be choosing for the cat whether it wants to go outside or not.”
    Yes, we absolutely should be choosing for the cat, just as we choose for a small child who doesn’t understand the risks of roaming free outdoors.

    “Animal rights also includes their choice.”
    Yes, their desires should certainly be taken into consideration (that is why we try to make their indoor lives as pleasant as possible rather than just locking them in a cage), however, in this world, when our companion felines desire to do something which puts them in danger because they don’t know any better, it is up to us to make choices for them (just as we do with a small child). As a very basic example, imagine a puddle of antifreeze on the ground. If I see a cat begin to drink that antifreeze, should I allow him to continue because it’s choice, or should I stop him because I know that (like a small child) he doesn’t know what’s best for him?

    “I’d rather have my cat eat bird’s, etc. than buy cat food that was made from factory farms.”
    1. They eat all sorts of things when they’re outdoors, including animals and insects that carry harmful and deadly diseases & parasites.
    2. It’s not as though they just find dead birds on the ground, pop them in their mouth like a bit of kibble and move along. They kill all sorts of things while they’re out there. And more often than not, they do it slowly and painfully. Many times, the victims will escape with injuries that leave them in extreme pain for very long periods of time before finally dying.
    3. Cats are actually better off with the factory farm stuff. They’ll live longer and healthier eating it (even though it’s garbage) and there’s less pain & suffering involved in producing it.

    “No, I’m not going to spend tons of money on special organic meat or unnatural vegan cat food. The closer to nature the better in most instances.”
    1. Don’t bother bringing the word “natural” into it. As you previously mentioned, nature is cruel. Because humans like you and I (vegans) are more compassionate and empathetic than nature, we are often in a better position than nature to determine what’s best. “Natural” definitely does not equal right and oftentimes it flat-out equals wrong. In the case of feral outdoor cats living in the wilderness away from humans, their “natural” diet is a survival diet. It’s not composed of what’s healthiest for them. It’s composed of whatever is available. It’s a diet that often leads to injury, illness, disease and premature death.
    2. The very existence of these cats and their relationship with us humans is already unnatural. These cats only exist because of the ignorance and irresponsibility of humans. Don’t fool yourself into believing that it’s natural for you to release your feline friend into the neighborhood to kill things just because it’s similar to what feral cats in the wilderness do. The whole thing is unnatural from the get go.
    3. Seriously consider purchasing vegan cat food or making your own (after very thorough research). Vegan cat food, combined with spaying & neutering, is currently the best solution to this human-created cat conundrum.

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    Over a year ago

    *does not mean – even…

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