• Why my Dad is my hero.

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    Over a year ago

    A little back story here:
    My dad is in no way shape or form a vegetarian, though he does love him some veggies. He also doesn’t look to kindly onto people who punish and abuse animals for no reason. When Michael Vick was arrested and charged for dog fighting my dad had said, “He shouldn’t go to jail, that’s far to nice for him, lock his a** in one of those little pens he kept his dogs in and then put the dogs he turned into killers in there too. On top of that chain him to the cement floor see if like the helpless feeling those dogs had before they snapped.”

    Well he was diagnosed and began his fight with leukemia last year. His head doctor is also a professor at the neighboring medical college and he teaches others about they type of cancer my dad has. Well before my father became his patient he asked him if he was willing to undergo new experimental procedures for treating his cancer and be a part a medical research paper. My dad asked how experimental and the doctor told him that they didn’t do the animal labs like other drugs have done. Basically they were asking my dad to be one of the first few guinea pigs pardon the phrase. His treatments yealded a few unexpected side effects and when asked why he didn’t go with the drugs that had been tested on animals and were past the clinical phase my dad would simply say:
    “Because I know what their doing to me.”

    He is my hero.

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    Over a year ago

    That’s great of your dad. I hope he gets through the treatment alright.

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