• Why was my post deleted?

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    11 months ago

    I asked a question about euthanasia a few weeks ago, and was getting a few responses- I went back to check on it to day and found that all traces of it had been removed. Any reason why? I don’t remember any conflict on the post so I see no reason as to why it was taken down.



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    10 months ago

    @sineadeisanotgate I don’t know why that happened but if you ask why Peta supports euthanasia then that is because no animal deserves to live their life in a cage or a life without a forever home. I think Peta euthanises animals because it’s obvious that one would rather die than live in a cage.

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  • Profile photo of sineadeisanotgate

    10 months ago

    @LittleLotte I hope not!

    Hi Liz @lweske, no I didn’t… I just got myself into a big philosophical muddle >.<

    Basically what I was saying was that if Peta’s shelter is a ‘shelter’ then can’t it just keep the animals as opposed to putting them down, since that’s what it’s there for? I also asked why the euthanisation rate was so high, and asked if it was because healthy animals which are brought to Peta’s shelter are immediately referred to an adoption centre. Then I started questioning the morality of euthanisation in general, as if we’re supposed to treat animals the same way we treat humans and they’re not ours to kill, why does Peta put them down as if it were a human suffering we don’t take it upon ourselves to end their lives, we just make them as comfortable as we can before it happens naturally.

    As you can tell it all got very complicated and my head hurt :S

    (Please don’t let my post be deleted again because this is really bugging me :/)

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    • Profile photo of peppermintcherry

      10 months ago

      I know I’m not a staff member, so I can’t speak about Peta’s stance on this topic, but some of those questions you have don’t have simple answers. I would suggest you start reading some philosophical animal rights books, like anything by Gary L. Francione or Peter Singer and from there you’ll find many more.
      As someone who a supporter for euthanasia in people who are suffering(terminal cancer, irreversible coma, crippling mental illness that therapy and medication can’t help,ect) I have a hard time opposing euthanasia in animals who are suffering, mental or physically.

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    11 months ago

    Hey @sineadeisanotgate,

    Hmmm, that’s weird, we never delete posts pertaining to PETA’s euthanasia policy- in fact, we encourage people to have this discussion on the Boards :)

    It might have been a technical glitch or if an admin noticed arguing between comments then it would have been removed, but otherwise we wouldn’t have taken it down.

    Did you have all of your questions answered?

    ~Liz from peta2

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  • Profile photo of LittleLotte

    11 months ago

    If it was the one about why PETA euthanises then it was probably taken down because it contained negative things about PETA, and this is their board after all!

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