• Wild horse roundups

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    Over a year ago

    I am not sure if PETA has done anything to help stop these wild horse roundups. There used to be about 2 miillion wild horses in America, now there is roughly 3,000. This is because every year the BLM (Bareau Of Land Management) rounds them up, right in the foaling season when the herd is most vulnerable. They take helicopters and men on horseback out to the herds and run them for miles into pens, then are stuffed into trailers and auctioned off, mostly to slaughter. Why? Because cattle farmers want more land for their cattle. They see these beautiful beings as vermin, and have even made attempts to cut the herds off from water supply and kill them off. If a wild horse comes onto cattle land, then the farmer has the right to shoot the horse. They are dying out. This needs to be stopped. There are lots of websites on it, such as this

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