• Woman starves 13 dogs/2 horses, no charges because of relationship with sheriff

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    Over a year ago

    Oklahoma Woman starves 13 dogs & gets away with it because she has close relationship with Sheriff – Petition

    Quote from petition:

    Basically, Katrina Wells starved 13 dogs and 2 horses and hasn’t been arrested so far. The owner of the property contacted the Sheriff and feels his plea for help was ignored, possibly due to the Vote For Sheriff Jimmy Sooter Sign on the property where the animals were starved. Really sad.

    Here is the statement from Mr. McDugle: “Three weeks ago I went to my rent house; this what I found. I called the Craig County Sheriff, they came and took pictures and then decided to do nothing. There are other animals there still starving including horses and they won’t do nothing between the dogs u can see in the picture and the skeletons I count 13 dogs that were starved to death I need everyone’s help to expose the Craig county sheriffs department for not doing their job and for being accomplices to animal neglect. This is horrible and the bad part is the dogs lay about ten feet from the sign to elect the current sheriff sheriff Jimmy Sooter, apparently if u vote for him u can get away with felony crimes.”

    Here is the contact info for the Sheriff’s Office involved:

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    Over a year ago

    Signed. I hope this woman is banned from keeping animals in the future.

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    Over a year ago

    This is so sad! ūüôĀ Thanks for posting.

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