• Would you date a meat eater?

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    Over a year ago

    I know some people that are completely grossed out kiss a meat eater, but I also know some vegan/vegetarians who don’t care if their bf/gf eats meat, because it’s not their choice to make. So I was wondering where most vegs stand on this; I’m still not sure what I think.

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    Over a year ago

    My boyfriend was likely a meat eater before we started dating, but now he eats mainly vegan food. So, in a way, I say there might be benefits to dating a meat eater in the fact that they might make the switch to veganism. But I wouldn’t date someone who thought animal cruelty was okay, and well, anyone who continues to consume animal products is condoning that. It’s not mean or weird to refuse a relationship based on these grounds.

    At the beginning of the relationship I’d say it doesn’t really matter, but there comes a time when you’ve got to ask your significant other how they feel about animal rights, environmentalism, their own health, etc.

    I like dating smart guys, so any guy who isn’t smart enough to try veganism is a big no!

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  • Profile photo of WaxButterfly

    Over a year ago

    I would, yes. If you love someone why let food choices stand in the way? That’s silly.

    A guy I like, once joked that if we were married and went out to dinner to eat, he would eat the meat from my order and I would eat his veggies since he’s really not a big fan of vegetables AT ALL. So it kind of works out.

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  • Profile photo of sammypuss

    Over a year ago

    i am already and to add to that his parents are beef farmers !!! although i would never eat meat , i also respect that it is their choice and i cant change thier minds :)

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  • Profile photo of FAR

    Over a year ago

    Well I’ve been dating my boyfriend for over two years and he is a meat eater. He sometimes talk about going vegetarian especially when we move out on our own but I really wouldn’t care either or way.

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