• Would You Raise Your Kid Vegetarian?

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    Over a year ago

    I’ve always assumed I would raise my kids vegetarian, but was discussing it with my boyfriend and he brought up the following argument, “How’s that different from brining up your kids religious?”

    Obviously vegetarianism is a form of indoctrination, much like religion, and I can’t justify its use, even if it is moral. Now, obviously if I was to raise my kids without meat, but didn’t restrict their consumption of meat elsewhere, I wouldn’t be forcing any particular ideology down their throats, yet how would I approach a situation in which they ate animals outside of the home?

    Any thoughts?

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    Over a year ago

    well, like @CarolineS just said, “you could be forcing them to eat meat” I was. so always assumed my kids wouldnt eat meat, and from a young age teach them to be compasinate to animals, like dont take them to the zoo, and like say if you want meat go get it yourself or something. I dont rlly want kids so like, yah, but still,

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  • Profile photo of CarolineS

    Over a year ago

    Hm… interesting.. I sort of had this conversation with my boyfriend’s family the other day.
    They related it to religion as well… however, I mean if you raiser your kids vegetarian.. you could be more lenient.. I mean it wouldn’t be a BIG deal if they accidentally ate meat.. but you could try your best to not have them consume it.. and teach them to understand
    Yet, if they want they could eat meat… I mean I don’t know personally I’d have been happy not to ever have eaten meat..
    only because I feel disgusted by it now.. knowing what I know and I find it sad that I once did
    but I mean I guess it’s good to know both ends… if you never eat meat you might be more easier to persuade by others to eat it because you never knew about it… So you don’t know what you’re missing
    plus it might be something that kids do to rebel against their parents..
    I really don’t think either way is in the wrong.. but I would want to raise my child with compassion.. and to me eating meat is not compassionate.. but then again.. is it forcing them? I mean .. its all unclear.. you could be forcing them to eat meat.. kids never have a choice that’s just how it is.. it’s all your choice .. until they come of age..

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