• You said if we have suggestions- right?

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    Over a year ago

    i see the like button for facebook,but i was wondering if you could have a like and dislike button for each reply. or vote up,vote down. or thumbs up ,thumbs down. alot of times we agree or disagree with what someone says,but we don’t necessarily want to go into the whole explaining thing. we don’t always want to say @whoever- blah blah it would be easier to just say yeah or uh uh. make it something fun like “true dat” or “aww hell naw!” even just agree/disagree is good. what do you think?

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  • Profile photo of humansareherbivores

    Over a year ago

    It’s nice not having ‘like’ & ‘dislike’ buttons as it helps create a situation in which people have to make up their own minds about each issue rather than being influenced by the opinion of the apparent majority.

    If a comment rating system must be added, at the very least omit the ‘dislike’ button and just add a ‘like’ button instead.

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  • Profile photo of VeganCaramel

    Over a year ago

    I’ve been having the same feelings. When I see a good comment on the boards I have this urge to show that I agree with them or am grateful for their statement, but I don’t want to type in an arbitrary “Hey you I agree with that!”, I just want to do an up vote or down vote or “like” or “<3". It's probably just because every other social media platform offers this ability that I've gotten into the habit, but it would be very nice to have.

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