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    Over a year ago

    The oldest elephant Jo at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo was euthanized this morning. She was 45 years old the oldest of the 6 elephants at the zoo. “Jo was under medical observation and treatment for edema.” I do have to say the Cleveland Zoo is decent I don’t think zoos should exist but for a zoo they are good. The elephants have their buildings as well as a large natural area and now they have trails that go across/ around most of the zoo as well. I’d actually like to know how you even euthanize an elephant.

    Actually now reading on the zoos page I also forgot they gave even more room for the elephants just a few months ago!

    Don’t know why I’m posting about this just to share and get opinions I guess.

    RIP Jo

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    Over a year ago

    Aw, RIP Jo.

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