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    Over a year ago

    What do you feel about them?

    My opinion is shaky. As a kid Im sure most can relate as to how fun it was. Running around, getting freaked out by reptiles. Even the sad attempt to feed the monkey right next to you. Back then I didn’t know better.

    However, now that I am aware of their limited life, I feel zoos should be closed. Yet what about the rest of the little kids? Don’t they too get to see what we saw? Just how fair is it to keep beautiful animals locked up?

    Whats your thought?

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    Over a year ago

    Zoos stink. Animals are trapped there, and are removed from their natural habitats. Don’t support it by not going to it!

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  • Profile photo of peacelovepie

    Over a year ago

    As a kid, before I understood the cruelty of zoos, (we went to a decent one, so it took a while) I loved seeing animals that I had never seen before. I still believe that (some) captive breeding programs are important, but I no longer agree with zoos, but, in this technological age, there are many 24 hour cams in sanctuaries, and online tracking in the wild. Maybe it’s not the same for small children, but it makes a whole lot of difference to the animals too.

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  • Profile photo of tiff321

    Over a year ago

    i think zoo should be close because its taking freedom away from animals

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  • Profile photo of annie-l

    Over a year ago

    Hey @mypetballpython,

    Most animals in zoos are not endangered, and while confining animals to zoos keeps them alive, it does nothing to protect wild populations and their habitats. Returning captive-bred animals to the wild is, in most cases, impossible because animals who are reared in zoos are denied the opportunity to learn survival skills, can transmit diseases to their wild counterparts, and often have no natural habitat left to return to. Warehousing animals for life is not the way to save them from extinction.

    You can help animals by supporting organizations that work to protect captive animals from exploitation and preserve habitats. :)

    ~Annie from peta2.

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  • Profile photo of mypetballpython

    Over a year ago

    I haven’t been to the zoos you all seem to talk about, but I believe my local zoo does a wonderful job.

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