Photos: California Breeder Exposed!

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Filthy, Standing Water

Thousands of rats suffered in bins like these in the facility’s warehouse. Dirty tubs strewn with feces and even rotting rat carcasses piled up and were not disinfected, risking disease. GCB’s water lines often malfunctioned, flooding rat enclosures and spilling water onto the facility floor. Rats were warehoused like shoes in rack after rack of tiny tubs.

Moldy Dog Food

All of GCB’s rats—regardless of age and varying nutritional needs—were fed dog kibble. This mold-covered food could have killed rats.

Severely Crowded Rats

Many rats were kept in cramped bins. Some were forced to compete for and eat food off the bins’ urine- and feces-covered bedding, leading to fights, injuries, and death.

Filthy Bedding

Rats were forced to eat and sleep on feces-covered, urine-soaked bedding, exposing them to disease. Many rats could not even sit up to groom themselves in these shallow prisons.

Struggling to Survive

Broken valves left hundreds of rats struggling to protect their pups in the rising water. With no escape, an expert explained, rats felt terror watching their young suffer and die.

A Typical Monday's Casualties

Rats were ignored on Sundays, so many were found dead on Monday. Rats signal stress by ultrasonic noises and pheromones—meaning many rats heard and sensed this family’s extreme fear.

Soaked, Shivering Survivors

PETA’s investigator saved countless exhausted and weakened rats from flooded tubs. They shivered as they battled hypothermia.

Rats' Unexplained Deaths Point to Disease

Many dead rats found in GCB’s warehouse showed no obvious injuries. Management didn’t bother trying to uncover the cause or to prevent and manage disease.

Mother Rat With Severed Tail

This rat’s tail was nearly cut in half, connected only by a thin string of tissue. She received no veterinary care or even pain relief.

Rat With Abscessed Eye

This rat’s bloody eye deteriorated over the course of eight days, until a worker finally slammed her into a metal rack. She had a violent seizure then was thrown into the trash.

Rat With Golf Ball–Sized Growth

Rats at the facility were denied care for golf ball–sized growths. Some rats’ huge mammary tumors made it difficult for them even to walk—and yet they were bred again.

Dead Rat and Her Pinkie

This mother rat was found lying dead, next to her dead pinkie. She appeared, as did other rats, to have died while giving birth.

Gasping for Breath

The facility was full of snakes, such as this one, who struggled to breathe. PETA’s investigator never saw GCB bring a veterinarian in to see even a single animal.

Crammed Into Deli Cups

While being hauled to and from a show and put up for sale, these snakes were kept in cramped deli-style cups and denied room to move around or even food and water for an entire week.

Maggot-Covered Enclosure

Management and workers left dead animals to rot for days. This enclosure, which contained a dead blue-tongue skink, was covered with thousands of maggots.

Rat Shot and Killed With a BB Gun

GCB’s manager shot this rat twice with a BB gun and threw the animal―who was convulsing―into a trashcan full of feces, urine, and dead rats. He finally killed the rat with a third shot.

Dead Biak Snake

This thin yellow biak snake was one of many found dead in enclosures at the facility.

Rats Killed by GCB's Manager

GCB’s manager killed these rats and many others. He laughed as he grabbed these rats by the tail and slammed them against a hard plastic tub.

Emaciated Blue Biak Snake

Many of the facility’s reptiles, including this emaciated snake, were neglected and left to starve. This snake, like others, was so thin that his or her ribs were visibly protruding

Filthy Water for Reptiles

The facility’s reptiles were often left with filthy, undrinkable water if they had any at all. This putrid, contaminated water was left for a blue-tail monitor.

Injured Rat

This rat was found in a severely crowded tub with at least 200 others, where he or she was being attacked by another rat. The stressful conditions left the rat with an injured and bloody eye.

Weak, Lethargic Rat

This weak and lethargic rat was found in another severely crowded tub among at least 200 other juvenile rats, many of whom were severely dehydrated and dying.

Dead Rats in the Facility

Investigators entering GCB on December 12 found hundreds of animals for whom help came too late, such as of the many dead and decaying rats in this jumbled mass.

What You Can Do

NEVER shop at a store that sells animals and share this investigation with everyone you know.




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    1098 days ago

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    My blood is boiling and my skin is cold with hate right now, my god. I hate humanity, I really do.

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    Very shortly this web site will be famous among all blogging visitors, due to it’s fastidious posts

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    I want to cry

  • Profile photo of kaylea.blamer

    1399 days ago

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    As an owner of two rats and a reptile, I’m very frustrated and mad anyone would ever do this

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    1402 days ago

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    This is terrible.

  • Profile photo of nevershoutneverisawesome1

    1442 days ago

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    such sadness and cruelness to those poor animals i can’t stop crying!