Photos: Ben the Bear

Check out Ben’s life before and after PETA stepped in to help.

At Jambbas, Ben was held in this barren cage, where he constantly paced back and forth and pushed and chewed at his cage walls.

He was frequently seen pawing at the fence when visitors were present, which a bear expert explained was his way of asking to be let out.

Ben the Bear Jambbas Ranch

ben the bear

ben the bear paw

Ben the Bear Toys

Ben the Bear Laying

Concerned citizens, with the support of PETA and the Animal Legal Defense Fund, fought for Ben’s liberation!

A judge found that Ben’s needs were “not being met dietarily, veterinarily, and, most importantly, environmentally” and called Ben’s enclosure at Jambbas “a 12-by-22 concrete chain-link fence dog run” that did “not meet the requirements … for this bear’s health and well-being.”

With the assistance of FedEx, Ben was transported across the country in climate-controlled safety and accompanied by the transport team, including two bear experts, to his new sanctuary home. The flight crew dubbed their mission “Bear Force One.”

ben the bear fedex

At PAWS, Ben’s habitat provides an enriched environment that is designed to replicate a wild bear habitat. He can finally live like a bear and forage, play, climb, explore, dig, bathe, and hibernate.

ben the bear swimming

Ben the Bear Roaming



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  • Profile photo of hadyrasid

    997 days ago

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    AW! This gives me hope 🙂

  • Profile photo of munchkincat

    1239 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    AW! He looks so cute and happy in the water!!! Thank you PETA!

  • Profile photo of 123toby

    1306 days ago

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    I am so happy this beautifull bear is safe and happy, I wish everybody loved animals and they would all be safe and free and loved.

  • Profile photo of Iberia

    1505 days ago

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    Oh my God!! Im so happy, thank u peta 4 helping animals!! im so glad u exist!!! GBU ALL!!

  • Profile photo of GeraldynvonKaulitz

    1547 days ago

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    Por esto y más, amo a esta organización ¡Muchisímas gracias por ayudar a Ben!

  • Profile photo of StephanieWolk

    1565 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    Thanks for helping beautiful Ben. Finally he has a life – the one that you guys gave him. Blessings to you all!!!