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State Average: B

Framingham State University


97% Student Satisfaction

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Student Reviews

  • Rachel Holland  said 977 days ago

    Awesome food! They always have a good alternative

  • Gary Symolon  said 983 days ago

    Love all the fresh vegetables, grains and international flovors

  • Arielle Montville  said 1016 days ago

    Framingham State University doesn’t only provide a variety of health vegan options, they also stalk a fridge with vegan cheeses, deli “meat”, and yogurt. The school also prepares vegan desserts every day! The staff is so incredibly nice when vegans ask for things. Once my friend said that she wanted vegan mashed potatoes and someone made her some and hand delivered it to her : )

  • Iris  said 1020 days ago

    We have the BEST salad bad ever!!! Our Vegan selection is amazing and it can convert anyone into a vegan once they try the vegan menu!!!

  • Iris  said 1020 days ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the vegan food at my school from breakfast to dinner just exquisite and NUTRITIOUS!!!!!

  • Jes A  said 1027 days ago

    the foods great!

  • Jenny  said 1029 days ago

    Having an option to go vegan has really opened up my possibilities of food. Thanks for offering vegan choices.

  • Julianna Coughlin  said 1029 days ago

    Sooooo good! they always have this option for us! Even as an non-vegan nutrtion major with vegan friends i can defiantly appreciate that they offer!