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Kent State University


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Student Reviews

  • Jan Rader  said 96 days ago

    I’ve finished my degrees here, but I do work here every day. I have had a few vegan items here that were really good, but they were generally a sample at a wellness fair or something not normally on the menu. The dining venue in the building where I work has three vegan options – good, but tiresome (and two are not really meals: one is lots of bread with some hummus and the other is a fruit cup). I do have to say that, on my suggestion, they finally are selling soy and almond milk. But anyplace else I’ve been on campus, when I tell them I want something vegan, they have to think about it to come up with something, and usually it’s something like a plate of roasted vegetables, which is just, well, a plate of roasted vegetables. I will say that the food truck came up with the best thing on the spur of the moment, but again, not something normally on their menu. There have been many, many times they will have a number of vegetarian items, but when I ask, they either have milk (why not use soy or almond or rice milk?) or eggs (why not use one of the dozens of egg replacers?) in the ingredients. I would like to know where these vegan options – entrees, desserts, etc. – the university has listed are located on campus, especially where is the all-vegan station? I would likely be there a lot!

  • Kaitlyn Krepps  said 639 days ago

    I was excited to go to Kent state because I heard how vegan friendly they are and I am extremely disappointed that that’s not true. They have a small section in each market that has vegetarian and vegan food, but about 80% of it is vegetarian. They rarely serve vegan food at the dining locations, with the exception of the salad bars. They have also labeled multiple items as vegan and vegetarian that had meat in it. For example I bought a cup of “Vegan Three Bean Chili” and it had sausage in it, and I bought a “Vegetarian Stuffed Pepper” and it had beef in it. Kent State isn’t anymore vegan friendly than most universities.

  • Mike  said 827 days ago

    They do have areas with vegan specialties. It’s not an across the board effort. There are dinning halls which you can make you food vegan as with any eating establishment (aka a wrap with no meat or cheese). I don’t just want a salad or fruit cup.

  • Sierra Adams  said 944 days ago

    There is nothing vegan but salads and some indian and chinese food.
    they label things as vegan that has milk and egg in it all the time. The first time I thought it was just a mistake, but.

  • Kara  said 1029 days ago

    I work for Dining Services on Kent’s campus. I know for fact that our location does not offer vegan friendly food at every meal. We are lucky to serve something vegan friendly twice a week. We sell vegan friendly items in our small store, however we do not have an all-vegan station to offer hot food/meals to students. We have zero vegan desserts. We have zero nondairy milk.

  • Jan  said 1037 days ago

    Kent State is vegan-friendly – to a point. There are pockets on campus where you can get some awesome vegan choices. And Dining Services does know how to make some really good dishes. But the problem is they don’t do so for every event – some events they have some really good stir-fries and combination dishes, and at other events, you just get a wrap with a bunch of lettuce, tomato and pepper in it. Also, their venues on campus aren’t consistent. At Eastway and at the little deli/cafeteria on Student Center first floor, there have been some really good things. But at the Summit Street Cafe in the rec center, you have to tell them how to make a simple wrap that’s got more substance than lettuce – that is if they happen to have a variety of ingredients on hand that day! Oh well, at least they make an effort sometimes.

  • Christopher Barton  said 1045 days ago

    KSU is wonderful with variety and choices for anything you may want in your meal.

  • Jenn Jones  said 1050 days ago

    Kent State is not that vegan friendly. Most of the votes have been aquired through the members of dining services going around with an ipad and asking employees to vote before they leave work. Most of the people voting probably dont even know what vegan means. These “vegan options” are few and far between and so poorly advertised that a 2 year vegan at Kent State (me) hasnt heard of most of them. I do not consider salads and indian food vegan friendly. Not only is the KSU dining services page lacking info and help to students searching for info, but they have been passing a morning star black bean burger with egg in it off as vegan. I was approached to vote by this man soliciting from my school and I said no and gave my reasons, his response, “vote anyway”. That is not what veganism is about.

  • Wesley Frampton  said 1052 days ago

    Kent State makes being a vegan on campus as easy as possible. With a plethora of tasty vegan food on campus, it’s reassuring to know a college so big cares so much about my dietary choices.

  • Sadar Muhammad  said 1052 days ago

    As a fellow Vegan attending Kent State University I am more than pleased with the vegan options available on campus. Kent State is known for being very liberal, but I didn’t think the vegan/vegetarian culture would thrive so much in a Ohio school like it does in Kent. I’m almost certain I would’ve never chosen to go vegan for life if I didn’t attend Kent State University. Not to mention the vegan food on campus is actually super healthy as well.

  • Jami  said 1052 days ago


  • Aashka  said 1054 days ago

    I really love the vegan food on campus and there are so many options i am so happy!!!!

  • B Fitz  said 1059 days ago

    Made fresh to order and has a ton of selections! Love eating the vegan options because they are always fresh and delicious. Dunno what other colleges offers a vegan menu that hasn’t had the same food sitting out all day

  • Breanna Greenway  said 1071 days ago

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Kent State University has made vegan options available on all campus’s!!!!!!! I was literally shocked when I walked into the book store and saw a basket of vegan cookies on the counter! It is very hard to always find Vegan options when you are out to eat, but I don’t feel like that on campus. At the Kent Trumbull branch, the staff at the kitchen worked with me to help make a wrap with no meat cheese or any other disgusting and cruel animal products or by-products! 5 STARS KENT STATE

  • Laura Frear  said 1071 days ago

    As a Vegan college student I am very happy with all of the options that Kent State University has for me. It makes my time here much more enjoyable and most importantly, cruelty free!

  • Sadar Muhammad  said 1162 days ago

    There are lots of vegan options here at Kent State University here in Ohio. This is a very liberal university that is one on the most Veg friendly places I have ever been. If it wasn’t for Kent State University, I would probably of never went Vegan. Veganism changed my life forever and it will change many more lives on my college campus and around the rest of the world as well. Knowledge is power.

    • Jan Rader  said 96 days ago

      Hi Sadar,
      First, liberal and vegan don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other, and second, having grown up in places like the San Francisco area, I can tell you that Kent State is closer to middle-of-the-road than liberal. But I’d love to know where you are getting the good vegan food on campus because the most of the places (not quite all) I’ve been around within the university really have little idea of what constitutes a good vegan entrée – it’s usually either salad or roasted vegetables. Thanks!