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University of California San Diego


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Student Reviews

  • roysimmons  said 571 days ago


  • Cindy Walsh  said 651 days ago

    Good vegan selections on campus including a vegan dining facility.

  • cathryn fernandez  said 653 days ago

    Please also mention that Dining Services has 6 markets on campus that all offer basic vegan items,like Veganase & Tofurky,Daiya cheese and lots of other vegan foods for students to purchase and eat on the go or take back to their rooms and prepare a meal.Our grab & go line also has vegan wraps,salads and energy bars!!

  • Lauren Swank  said 712 days ago


  • Ruby Dang  said 780 days ago

    AWESOME vegan food! Not only is every marketplace vegan friendly, we have a whole vegan restaurant and a food co-op that is primarily vegan. So happy to be vegan!