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State Average: C

University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign


90% Student Satisfaction

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Note: This school failed to respond to our vegan-food survey requests, so this assessment is based on public information records and student feedback about vegan options on campus.

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Student Reviews

  • Myha  said 571 days ago

    U of I’s vegan and vegetarian food are great! And they have a lot of choices.

  • Fernanda Magalhaes  said 587 days ago

    All dining halls associated with the university will have vegan and vegetarian options as 1 of its 3 entrees for both lunch and dinner. On top of that the dining hall in my building and that I work in, has a separate vegan/vegetarian dining hall called Field of Greens and every Wednesday dinner there and it always has great options. I am not vegan or vegetarian and I can say that the food is good.

  • cj  said 600 days ago

    Great options!

  • Janet  said 607 days ago

    Provides a variety of vegan foods that not only look tasty, but taste delicious! I am no where near vegan, but sometimes vegan food taste better than other foods!

  • jomjom  said 614 days ago

    the food and services are good. i love to go there