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University of North Texas


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Student Reviews

  • Daisy  said 36 days ago

    Great food and great variety every day! I miss eating at mean greens over the summer, the staff and the food are awesome!

  • Marcie Barker  said 49 days ago

    Very nice Mean Greens cafeteria, but it’s not a convenient location. Need a mini-Mean Greens in the Union — next to Burger King! :/

  • Ale  said 50 days ago

    Mean Greens’ 5 year Anniversary

  • Kevin  said 67 days ago

    I’m not a vegan, but I love Mean Greens. I eat there at lunch very day. So many options and the menu changes every day. Great job!

  • Ale  said 236 days ago

    Broccoli Pesto Salad

  • Madi Smith  said 363 days ago

    It’s amazing! There are quite a few vegan restaurants or ones that have vegan options in Denton but Mean Greens is the best and closest to campus. At under $8 you can’t beat the price. Love it.

    • Chef  said 362 days ago

      Mean Greens also participates in Meatless Mondays every monday and every day. We love it!

  • diana  said 475 days ago

    that pizza looks delicious!

  • Naomi Ruiz  said 634 days ago

    I love maple cafeteria! I love them for their grilled pb & j’s with freshly grounded pb and their array of cooked and raw all vegan options. I also love that UNT has added an extra vegan section on Mondays at bruce cafeteria instead of just a salad area.

  • Robin Spicer  said 634 days ago

    Mean Green Flavor is amazing!!

  • Alison Brushaber  said 634 days ago

    UNT has put an effort into developing new recipe additions. I don’t know who is creating the new stuff but it is awesome!

  • Samra Bufkins  said 647 days ago

    Awesome food. I’ll admit I’m an omnivore who leans toward vegetarian eating at least 5 days a week. The Mean Greens dining hall is one of the best eating places ever–not just vegan, any kind of food. Everything is fresh, the variety is awesome, and the quality is great.

  • Sophia Shah  said 658 days ago

    Fantastic place that shares compassion and healthy options. Go Mean Green!

  • Lindsey  said 661 days ago

    Our vegan cafeteria is so tasty. I especially love the soups.

  • Kiersten  said 680 days ago

    I love Mean Greens in Maple Hall, seriously, i don’t know what i would do without it.

  • Susan Whitmer  said 1007 days ago

    I’m macrobiotic and I find the Mean Greens cafeteria at UNT choice of grains greens and beans to be most delicious. I’m a simple cook so the vegan lasagnas and casseroles are a welcome addition to my diet.

  • Dan Fenlon  said 1008 days ago

    Best Vegan dining hall in America

  • Kathy Beck  said 1008 days ago

    I have 2 kids at UNT. And I meet them to eat at Mean Greens all the time bc I am vegan and the food is amazing! Love It and so glad there is a healthy vegan dining hall for students! Ken Botts is great!!

  • Giovanni  said 1026 days ago

    Mean Greens, every day, taste and health merged together!

  • Camille  said 1027 days ago

    I love eating at Mean Greens! Best cafeteria on campus

  • Briah Thomas  said 1027 days ago

    GREAT FOOD. Best food on campus.

  • Karthik  said 1028 days ago

    I love it here! đŸ™‚

  • Alicia  said 1033 days ago

    Mean Greens has amazing food. The flavor of every dish I’ve had has been a masterpiece. I had a rice crispy treat that was the best I’ve ever had, vegan or not! So gooey and rich! Some of my favorite things about the dining hall are that they are open to the public, are super cheap (under $8 for all-you-can-eat), and the wall decor is all pro-vegan, inspirational, and beautiful. My only complaint is that they are closed on weekends and breaks!

  • Ashley Gillen  said 1060 days ago

    UNT has tons of great vegetarian and vegan options all over campus. The entire university seeks to be sustainable and healthy and they don’t dissapoint. From california rolls at the sushi bar, to extensive salad bars, veggie burgers, and kush roti international cuisine, there’s never a reason for a vegan to go hungry. Then there’s an entire vegan dining hall, how convenient is that!? Also great is that there are tons of vegans and vegetarians at the school so even the places like taco bell and boar’s head are used to making non-vegan options vegan or vegetarian!

  • Alana  said 1143 days ago

    mean greens all vegan dinning hall 100%

  • Alicia Townsend  said 1151 days ago

    UNT’s all-vegan Mean Greens dining hall takes healthy vegan eating to unbelievable greatness. No picture can do justice to this food, as the flavors are brilliantly bold. Also, the best rice crispy treat I’ve ever had… vegan or not! So soft and gooey!

  • Ken Botts  said 1153 days ago

    So lucky to have this awesome vegan cafeteria on our campus