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State Average: B

University of Rochester

New York

69% Student Satisfaction

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  • MeatlessLiveLonger
  • Crispy-TOfu-For-NAcufs
  • Swiss-Chard-Risotto-with-Balsamic-Syrup
  • Vegan-Jambalaya
  • Vegan-Meatloaf
  • Vegan-Short-Ribs-with-spicy-coconut-sacue

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Student Reviews

  • Melody  said 1026 days ago

    There are lots of great vegan options at the U of R. I love the vegan macaroons and tofutti cream cheese at our mini mart, and the almond milk in Douglass always brings a smile to my face. The Meatless Monday (while sometimes mediocre) are fantastic when done properly. Dining Services even hosts its own Compassionate Thanksgiving (where half of Danforth goes completely vegan), which I think it pretty cool. Who could turn down vegan lentil loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy? Yum!

  • Ted C  said 1031 days ago

    Great Vegan menu

  • Emily  said 1147 days ago

    It is difficult to eat a balanced diet and maintain a vegan or vegetarian style of eating on this campus. The vegan options often contain common allergens, or are straight simple carbohydrates. A vegan soup is appealing until you look at the ingredients statement and realize that the first ingredient to the soup is margarine… Yes, some more options have been added to Hillside which are vegan snacks, and that’s nice because it’s an easy option for vegans, but they are still processed foods.

  • SD  said 1150 days ago

    I’d like to start off on a positive note, by saying that UR is making a genuine effort, and they are miles ahead of most schools. However, there is one vegan station, which is rarely ever appetizing or healthy. In addition, outside of the salad bar most of the vegetarian options are essentially limited to pizza and the vegan station, both of which I emphasize, is not appetizing or healthy. Besides these two stations, most of the other dining hall stations have some kind of meat in them, and you have to wait at least 20 minutes if you would like something customized(without meat) for you.

  • Megan Runkle  said 1150 days ago

    I agree the U of R tries. It’s definitely easier for me to eat vegetarian on campus that it is off campus. The vegan station at Danforth gets a little repetitive although I was initially impressed that we even had a vegan station at all. I can always find something to eat, but it’s not always diverse and not always healthy. Compared to other dining halls I’ve seen, U of R has significantly more options and diversity, so I can’t complain too much.

  • Simone  said 1150 days ago

    I am always amazed at how the school listens to students feedback on dining options. Each semester there are new options in the POD for vegans and vegetarians. Take this quinoa cup for example. This wasn’t here last semester. Good job UofR!

  • Charles Lehner  said 1150 days ago

    There are usually vegan snacks and meals available, and Meatless Mondays are nice. There used to be vegan muffins and cookies from a local bakery but they were replaced this year by doritos and stuff because Pepsi.

  • judith  said 1151 days ago

    this rating is a joke. i’m a senior at the university and have been vegetarian/vegan the entire time i’ve been at school here. not only are the options severally limited, they’re pretty much limited to extremely unhealthy food that is prepared poorly or the exact same salad bar every day. if i weren’t paying 55k every year for this school i wouldn’t complain but the way they promote themselves really makes the students here laugh. there is an extreme disconnect between the majority of the students and the administration, as well as the professors and the administration. if you want to attend university of rochester it should be for our academics and professors who care deeply about the students, but the university needs to stop pretending that it’s investing effort into anything other than making sure they’re expanding our campus enough to enroll more students who can pay the full tuition (our application process is no longer need-blind).

  • Brittany Flittner  said 1151 days ago

    Not satisfied at all. There really aren’t a lot of options, making it extremely difficult to become vegan.

  • Roy Moger-Reischer  said 1153 days ago

    The University of Rochester tries, I’ll give you that. For example, one of the three soups is always vegan-friendly. My complaint is that the vegan food that is offered is usually rather unhealthy. That is the say, the vegan “station” consists of a frying pan. Let’s see, what else is consistently vegan-friendly… Oh, right: There’s always a vegan dessert! If you’re looking for a real meal, look off-campus.

    That said, the salad bar is excellent. Unfortunately, I feel compelled to eat from the salad bar every day of my life.