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University of South Florida


83% Student Satisfaction

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Student Reviews

  • Surabhi Teena  said 514 days ago


  • meghan  said 829 days ago

    USF paid it’s employees to publicize this vegan contest while failing to provide visible allergen and ingredient labels, and frequently subjecting its vegan students to rudeness from cafeteria staff (who are not adequately educated about vegan options), and ingestion of milk, cheese and butter due to poor labeling, lack of knowledge from employees, and poor attitude from employees. They are holding a focus group with the vegans today (but only after we went public with our complaints on facebook), and if it goes well and changes are implemented then I will be happy. But I have been a USF student for 4 years, and the promise has always been “we are implementing these changes soon”, and then nothing happens. I was not an “uber-satisfied freshman” when I wasted my money on a mandatory meal plan close to $1000, and the service, food selection and vegan options were so poor that I had to spend EXTRA money supplementing my food from locations off of campus. Most vegans who I talk to share this sentiment. USF, if you want the publicity of a vegan friendly college, you have to BE one first.

  • [email protected]  said 881 days ago