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Whether she’s stealing scenes on the hit Nickelodeon series True Jackson, VP, and Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures or keeping fans tuned in to her YouTube channel, Ashley Argota is one Hollywood starlet we can’t get enough of!

She may play some silly characters on TV, but there is one real-life issue that Ashley is serious about—adopting animals. Check out Ashley’s first-ever peta2 ad (co-starring her rescued dog, Annie) and watch the video below to learn more!

ashley argota adopt psa

When it comes to caring for animals, Ashley’s heart is as big as her smile, which is why she chose to save a life by adopting her dog, Annie.

Every year in the U.S., 6 to 8 million dogs and cats enter animal shelters, each in need of a new home with a loving family. You can save a life by adopting from your local shelter and never buying an animal from a pet store or breeder. Be sure always to spay or neuter your companion animals as well so that more puppies and kitties don’t end up in shelters.


“What I love most about animals, especially my dog, is that no matter what, at the end of the day I know that I’m gonna go home and she’s just gonna show me so much love ….

Rescuing an animal is the perfect way to find your new best friend, but it’s not all cuddles and walks in the park (although those are really great! 🙂). Caring for an animal is a big responsibility. Ashley tells peta2, “You have to get them groomed, feed them, give them water—it’s a lot of work.” If you’re ready to be a proud mama or papa to an adopted animal, visit your local shelter today!


Fill out the form below and pledge always to adopt your animal companions and to have them spayed or neutered. Together, we can help end animal homelessness!



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    Annie is supercute…definitely worth the effort!
    EcoPrint is crazyawesome…profits from their prints go to help abandoned/abused/homeless animals! 🙂