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Big D and the Kids Table have been inspiring rude boys to skank since 1995. Known for their DIY ethic and debaucherous live shows, Big D has blown up from the basements and dancehalls of New England to become a worldwide ska phenomenon.

“I personally see all animals on the same level. I don’t know why you would decide a cow doesn’t have the same…soul or life as a dog.” -Sean P. Rogan

We caught up with Big D right before they embarked on yet another Warped Tour-filled summer. During our little rendezvous, we found out that Big D not only know their stuff when it comes to trombone riffs and walking basslines but also know what’s up with animal rights. Check it out, and then find out how to take action for animals yourself below …

One of the best tracks on Big D’s new album, Strictly Rude, is “Try Out Your Voice.” The lyrics “Just get your hearts out front and prove you’re something. Try out your voice; now use it” definitely inspire us to speak out against cruelty to animals, and we hope they inspire you to do the same.

But don’t just talk the talk—walk the walk! Your actions should reflect your rhetoric. To get started, all you have to do is click on the button below to take the Veg Pledge!



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