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Combichrist Dogfighters“You have to hear this!” This was the first thing my fellow industrial-loving friend said to me about the self-proclaimed “aggrotech” project, Combichrist. As a young teenager, I could be found in the local goth clubs dancing to the likes of Skinny Puppy and Front242—so she thought I would love Combichrist’s crushing beats and horror-themed lyrics. Guess what? She was right!

After several releases, Combichrist hit commercial success with 2006’s Get Your Body Beat EP, proving that their music wasn’t just restricted to industrial dance clubs. One studio album and a few EPs later and the band is back with the aggressive industrial sound that you know and love.

We were able to catch up with the mastermind behind Combichrist, Andy LaPlegua, and learned that Andy’s favorite vegetarian food is falafel, that he finds product testing on animals “really unnecessary,” and that his biggest concern when it comes to animals is dogfighting.

Here’s what Andy had to tell us …

Lover of industrial music, animal-friendly, and thinks that dogfighters are cowardly scum? Now there’s a guy after my own heart! If you dig Combichrist like me, make sure you check out Andy’s other musical personalities, Icon of CoilPanzer AG, and Scandy—but before you do that, why don’t you follow Andy’s lead and take our quiz to see if the products that you’re using at home are cruelty-free! As Andy said, animal testing is “really unnecessary” and it’s so easy to buy products that aren’t tested on animals. Take the quiz and see how well you score!



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