Day of Action in Honor of Elijah Sharma

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peta2 was heartbroken to learn that Elijah Sharma, a fearless animal rights activist and peta2 Street Teamer, passed away in late November. He was 22.

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“I am proud to say I’m vegan! I am vegan simply because I do not understand why it is acceptable to exploit other animals like ourselves for our own luxury.” —Elijah Sharma

In addition to being a vegan, Elijah promoted compassion for most of his life by teaching others that the best way to help animals is to stop eating them. He earned a Star Street Teamer Award from peta2 when he was in high school. Some of his efforts included campaigning to end dissection at his school, passing out thousands of leaflets, and talking to hundreds of people every day about going vegan when he worked on the Animal Liberation Project as a peta2 intern in Washington, D.C.

In his honor, peta2 is launching a day of action on December 4 and asking people to go vegan to honor Elijah’s spirit and his efforts to save animals.

Elijah’s spirit, compassion, and dedication was unique and he will be missed, but we can all do our part to honor Elijah’s passion for animal rights by taking action and inspiring others to join his fight.

Join Elijah’s fight to end cruelty to animals by pledging to go vegan.

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    I wish I had the courage to be like him 🙂