FOB’s Andy Hurley Drums Up Compassion

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That’s our mission statement, I think, as a band. We don’t really have a political stance, but we want to be a place of refuge for other outcasts.

Bursting unannounced onto the scene in 2013 following a hiatus that devoted fans feared would become permanent, Chicago pop-punk-underdogs-turned-arena-rock-saviors Fall Out Boy emerged from radio silence unapologetic and unflinching.

A group of friends from the suburbs of Chicago, the members of Fall Out Boy made their way from DIY shows to Madison Square Garden, and drummer Andy Hurley has been keeping the beat from the back of the stage through it all.

With roots planted firmly in the ethos of the hardcore music scene, Andy took the words of influential bands like Earth Crisis and Youth of Today to heart, telling peta2, “I grew up listening to a lot of punk rock and a lot of political stuff.”

When it came to following a vegan lifestyle, he says that Earth Crisis was the band that “encapsulated everything about it in the best way for me.” Earth Crisis, in part, opened up Andy’s eyes to the suffering and mistreatment of animals killed for food and, more importantly, introduced him to the concept of living cruelty-free and saving more than 100 animals every year by going vegan.

As someone who’s now in the public eye and touring the world in support of Fall Out Boy’s gold and platinum records, Andy appreciates the importance of being an influence in the lives of a younger generation of fans.

“I definitely feel a huge responsibility, and I think all of the things I’m into are really important to me,” he says. “I want to talk about them as much as possible and influence as many people as I can to at least even consider [going vegan] and hopefully to change their lifestyle.”

When you realize that you can change yourself in such hugely important ways, you start to realize, what can’t you change?


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