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The melodic vocals and technical prowess behind Australian six-piece Hands Like Houses has landed the band hometown notoriety and a coveted spot atop the Rise Records roster. With a growing fanbase and tours alongside scene favorites such as Pierce the Veil and Tonight Alive, it’s safe to say that Hands Like Houses is a band on the verge of a breakout year. 

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Sitting down with four of Hands Like Houses’ six members—bassist Joel Tyrrell, guitarists Alex Pearson and Matt Cooper, and keyboardist Jamal Sabet—it’s clear that this band  is not afraid to forge their own path. Whether it’s in the intricacies of their music or in their commitment to helping animals, the members of Hands Like Houses stand a step above the rest.

Be educated. Find within yourself what you feel passionate about.

The four vegan or vegetarian members of the band are saving the lives of more than 400 animals every year and discovering a world of vegan foods in the process. “If you like cooking, you can try new foods,” suggests Alex. “I know since being vegetarian there’s a lot of things that I tried that I wouldn’t have necessarily done if I hadn’t been vegetarian.”

If you believe that animals are friends, not food, join Hands Like Houses and sign up to receive free vegan recipes!

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