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Jen O’Brien, with Cara Beth Burnside, is the godmother of women’s skateboarding. She demanded respect and got it for women on skateboards. Is she good? Just ask all the viewers of the summer X-games a couple years ago when she competed “unofficially” with her life partner Bob Burnquist in the pairs competition—it was supposed to be guys only. She rocked.

Jen O'BrienShe met with peta2 at her place in Southern California to talk about what being a vegetarian means to her. She lives there with Bob and their three year old daughter Lotus. They have a huge organic garden and an even bigger skate ramp—their place is so cool.

Not to give away the end of the interview, but she went veg five years ago when she had Bob over to her parents house for a barbeque. Bob was vegetarian and her mom fixed steaks. She was embarrassed and went veg right then, she’s never looked back and says she’s never felt better or been happier about her life.

Jen’s planning on touring and competing big time this summer. You can catch her at the Slam City Jam in Vancouver, B.C. in May, the All Girl’s Skate Jam in California in July, as well as a half dozen other competitions across the country. She’s also planning an All Girl’s Skate Tour up the west coast starting in April, check with your local skate shop for info.

And, of course, you can check out her interview right here.




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