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Vegan warrior Jona Weinhofen of I Killed The Prom Queen has saved the lives of more than 1,300 animals during his 13 years of living cruelty-free. That’s because being vegan means that you save the lives of more than 100 animals every single year just by not eating or wearing them. Pretty cool, right?

If you’re ready to kick off your new cruelty-free life, join Jona, peta2, and Macbeth and take the first step!  

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Macbeth has been making kick-ass vegan shoes for years, partnering with some of the coolest names in music along the way. From Tom DeLonge to Davey Havok, compassionate musicians have been lining up to work with Macbeth, and Jona is no exception.

It only makes sense that Jona, as a long-time vegan and peta2 supporter, would proudly rep our first-ever vegan shoe—the peta2 x Macbeth “Gatsby” (available online and in Journeys stores nationwide).

Animals killed for their skin are subjected to the same cruel practices used by the meat and dairy industries.

  • Cows have their tails docked and are branded and castrated, all without any painkillers.
  • In India, where much of the leather in the U.S. comes from, animals are forced to march hundreds of miles to their gruesome deaths.

With so many cool cruelty-free products available, there’s no reason to continue supporting an industry that causes so much suffering.

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To receive a discount code from Macbeth for the new peta2 “Gatsby” shoe, sign the pledge below and kick off your cruelty-free life!

Take it a step further by donating your gently worn leather shoes to a homeless shelter or nonprofit group. Use the form below to upload a photo of your new vegan kicks or your old leather ones.

By signing my name, I pledge to ditch leather shoes and instead purchase animal-friendly, cruelty-free vegan shoes.

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