Kid Sister PSA

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Everyone at some point or another has dreamed of being discovered and sharing their hidden talent (no matter how weird) with the world. You know those daydreams you have when you are zoning out in a boring class—the ones where you get up on stage in front of everyone and nail that guitar solo, sing a soaring chorus, or play ping-pong with your toes. Kid Sister dreamed about spitting out edgy, flowing rhymes over banging club beats—and she made those dreams become reality. I’m jealous.

After honing her skills as an MC hosting parties in her hometown of Chicago, Kid Sister signed to an independent record label in 2007. Kanye West soon took an interest and joined her on her first single, “Pro Nails.” She gained national attention when the single became a smash hit, and she was picked up by the major label Downtown Records. We at peta2 really dig hip-hop (we’re big fans of Living Legends and MURS), so do yourself a favor and check out Kid Sister.

Peep this interview, in which she dishes about fur, her favorite fashion brand, and her own furry companions. Never one to sugarcoat the truth, Kid Sister straight-up hates fur and wants to tell you what’s up. You better listen!

Pretty great stuff, right? Now, click here for more information on how you can speak out against fur and to take a pledge never to wear it.



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