KJ Noons' Anti-Violence Ad

Posted by  peta2 staff

KJ Noons for peta2KJ Noons has some tough words for anyone who abuses animals. The MMA fighter and boxer wants everyone to know that people who are cruel to animals are cowards, and that violence toward animals often leads to violence toward humans. Some of the most notorious serial killers in history got their start by torturing and killing animals.

To help spread the word, KJ is starring in an anti-violence ad for peta2. Appearing beside the message, “Pick on someone your own size,” KJ reminds everyone that violence against animals is a crime and should be reported immediately.

While pummeling each other is something that KJ and his opponents choose to do, taking one’s aggressions out on animals is never OK. But each year, countless dogs, cats, and other animals become victims of violent acts.

Violence against animals should never be taken lightly and should always be reported to the authorities right away. Says KJ, “If you see an abused animal, think of it if it was your dog or your cat and how that would make you feel, you know, so you should feel that about every type of animal that’s abused.” See what else KJ told us about people who abuse animals, dog fighting, and making animals a part of your family in his exclusive interview with peta2.



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