Le Tigre Knows the Way to a Bunny’s Heart

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Everyone who’s anyone knows who Le Tigre is. And, if we’re right about that assumption—which we’d be willing to place money on—then everyone also knows that Le Tigre provides us with anything but run-of-the-mill radio fare. Formed by Bikini Kill founder Kathleen Hanna, Le Tigre is celebrated for playfully layering its overtly political lyrics and punk undertones amidst a fusion of festive samples, eclectic pop, and lo-fi electronics.

So, where exactly do we fit into the picture? We’re lucky ducks, that’s all. We ran into Le Tigre’s Johanna Fateman at a show and not only discovered that she’s vegetarian but that she has a deep fondness for rabbits. If you’ve ever checked out “Johanna’s Herstory” page on Le Tigre’s Web site, you already know that and have been keeping us in the dark. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Read our interview with Jo below, and keep in mind that music like Le Tigre’s doesn’t exactly grown on trees, so check it out and support the group.

There are so many amazing places to eat in New York. Any recommendations for a vegetarian who is visiting NYC for a weekend?

“I’m a vegetarian! I love Gobo on 6th Avenue, Anjelika Kitchen on 12th Street, and Sanctuary on 2nd Avenue. And you can get great vegan desserts at Atlas Café on 2nd Avenue.”

You link to the House Rabbit Society on your “favorites” page. Do youhave a house bunny at home? Any fun stories about her you’d like to share?

“Yes, I do have a house rabbit at home. She is incredibly intelligent and beautiful. She enjoys walking around with FedEx envelops in her mouth, running sprints, spying on humans—that kind of stuff. Her long-time bunny companion passed away this summer, so we have been mourning that loss and adjusting to the absence in the apartment.”

What do you think of fur?

“Since some of my closest friends have been bunnies, wearing their fur—or any fur—is something I would never do. Actually, I don’t encounter that many people wearing real fur. In the circles I travel in, I don’t think anybody thinks it’s cool.”

How do you think that activism and music go together?

“I think that music can help nourish and sustain progressive communities and can bind people together so that collective action feels possible—and enjoyable. I don’t think that art is the same thing as activism or that it can replace activism, but I think it can be a crucial part of fueling radical projects and keeping morale up in activist scenes.”

What do you want your audience members to take away from a Le Tigre show?

“I guess I’d like people to leave a Le Tigre show feeling that feminist art is alive and rooted in a fascinating history and that radical ideas can have a place in pop culture.”

What’s your favorite song off This Island?

“Well, of course I love all the songs on the album—we really put our heart into every track. ‘After Dark’ is the song that most makes me wanna get up and dance, though.”

There’s also a link on your site to an online adoption service for homeless animals. Why do you think that people should adopt from an adoption service or a shelter instead of going to a pet store or breeder?

“Well, we all know that there are lots of incredible animals in shelters and rescue centers in need of good homes, and it’s tragic that so many are put down every year. Now that it is so easy to find available animals—not just from local shelters but through national networks of animal lovers on the Internet—I don’t know why anyone would go to a breeder.”

Any advice for kids who want to do something good to help animals?

“Find a local animal rescue that needs help caring for wounded or neglected animals. There is so much to be done: public education, fundraising, and animal care.”

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