Meet Anberlin's Vegetarian Guitarist

Posted by  peta2 staff

We first met Anberlin guitarist Christian McAlhaney when he was playing in beloved Seattle band Acceptance. Despite having released only a handful of EPs and one album, Acceptance remains one of the most talked about and influential bands in the scene. Upon their untimely demise, Christian took up residence with former Tooth & Nail pop rockers Anberlin and can now be found touring the world in support of the band’s nearly platinum-selling albums.

In his interview with peta2, Christian attributes his introduction to animal rights to the music scene that he was part of while growing up. Much like Christian, going to hardcore and punk shows opened me up to a community of like-minded kids who were all interested in supporting the same bands and getting behind the same causes—one of them being animal rights. Once you learn how animals are slaughtered for food, the damage that the factory farming industry unleashes on the environment, and how the mass production of animals for consumption impacts world hunger, it’s impossible not to consider going vegan. Especially with so many amazing, affordable vegan options out there!

As Christian eloquently pointed out, “It takes people getting involved to make any sort of a change.” So get educated, get involved, and help make a difference!



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