NBA Star Ty Lawson

Posted by  Megan Rondeau

Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson knows what it takes to be tough on the court, and now he’s making a winning play off the court by teaming up with peta2.

Ty lawson ink not mink psa vertical

Every year, millions of animals—including foxes, minks, raccoons, rabbits, chinchillas, and even cats and dogs—are electrocuted, beaten, drowned, strangled, and sometimes even skinned alive for their fur. And for what—trim on the hood of your coat? No, thank you!

When Ty Lawson learned about the cruelty that animals endure in the fur industry, he hit the court ready to take action.

Animals are not ours to wear. No animal deserves to suffer and be killed for a pair of boots, a wool sweater, or a down-feather pillow. The best thing that you can do to put a stop to the cruel fur industry is to pledge never to buy clothing or accessories that come from animals.

Bunny Fur peta2

Pledge to Be Fur-Free!

Fill out the form below and pledge to go fur-free and to choose compassionate fashions instead!

Spread the app ♥ for animals

Spread the app ♥ for animals

… and get your friends in on the movement!



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