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Skater Paul Rimmer recently took time away from traveling the world in search of new skate sites to talk with peta2 about everything from veganism to his adoring love for his number one fan and supporter—his German shepherd-greyhound mix, Jas. Read up on Paul’s “simple” reason for you to go veg and what the perfect day entails for him and Jas.

So what’s new and exciting in the world of skateboarding?

Trying to find new spots to skate is almost as much fun as skating them! It can get a bit boring seeing the same places in magazines and DVDs all the time, so it’s important to maintain a fresh perspective on it all.

Paul RimmerYou talk frequently about your dog, Jas. She’s a beautiful pup, who looks like she has a ton of personality. Can you tell us a little bit about her?

Jas is an amazing dog and a really good friend! She is a cross between a German shepherd and a greyhound, and I’ve had her for about three years now. She enjoys staying in bed late every morning, eating peanut butter and jam cookies, and doing a lot of running at the park. I used to take her out skating with me quite often, but I don’t do it as much anymore. She can become quite protective and doesn’t like it if I fall!

Can you tell us about your decision to go vegan? How old were you, and how has the decision made an impact on your overall life, including skateboarding?

I was vegetarian for a long time before deciding to go vegan. I was vegetarian for moral reasons, so going vegan was basically a natural progression. It’s completely arrogant and totally absurd to assume that animals are here to serve mankind’s dietary requirements. Overall, being vegan has made me feel so much healthier. I also put Jas on a vegan diet a while back for health reasons, and it was definitely the right thing to do as she is now healthier than ever.

Any advice for people out there who are thinking about going veg/vegan but are afraid it’s going to be too tough?

It really isn’t hard to have a well-rounded vegan diet without having to drastically change your lifestyle. When others see that, they will realize that it is something they can incorporate into their own lives. Imagine eating your pets, and then stop eating meat—it’s that simple!

Imagine eating your pets and then stop eating meat…it's that simple!—PaulWhat’s your favorite vegan snack that’s always within arm’s reach?

At the moment it’s definitely peanut butter and jam spread on top of vegan cookies…can’t get enough of it!

What are your thoughts on fur and those who choose to wear it?

It’s a shame that anyone still wears fur. In my opinion, most of those who choose to wear fur only do so because they have become so desensitized to the reality of its being someone’s skin—thanks to the darker and shallow side of fashion and advertising. People don’t like to be told that they’re wrong, so it’s best to give them the necessary information and let them make up their own minds. Some animals, such as harp seals, are clubbed repeatedly for their skin when they are just a few weeks old. Often skinned alive, they are left to rot on the ice, as there is no market for seal meat—this is still legal in Canada! Harp seals are just one of many creatures murdered for their skin. It’s nothing short of horrific, and it needs to end now!

We currently have a campaign against KFC. We are simply asking the company to eliminate the worst abuses that chickens raised for its restaurants suffer, including having their beaks cut off, having their limbs broken, and being boiled to death. What do you think is the most effective way of dealing with companies like KFC?

As far as I’m aware, KFC has been approached numerous times about its inhumane methods and has chosen to do little to rectify the problem. Obviously, KFC couldn’t care less about the welfare of the chickens and cares only about turning a profit. I think the best way of dealing with KFC is through boycotting it!

Any last words of great wisdom to pass on to your fans?

If you’re reading this and not already vegetarian/vegan, then the sooner you decide to do it the better. If you already are, then keep up the good work and help animals whenever you can, as they can’t speak for themselves.

What’s up next for Paul and Jas?

Well, I’m going to be splitting most of my time between the U.K. and the south of France, which should be amazing. I’m sure Jas is going to enjoy the countryside and especially the beaches—something we don’t get too much of in London!




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