Real Talk With Real Friends

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Champions of sad songs and ardent Chicago devotees, pop-punk upstart Real Friends is dripping with everything you’d expect from a band raised on equal parts American Nightmare and American Football: two-minute songs full of heart-on-your-sleeve sing-alongs. In true DIY fashion, the past two years have seen the band self-release a series of EPs and gain a coast-to-coast following through nonstop touring.

After initially going vegetarian on a dare, vocalist Dan Lambton turned a week-long vegetarian challenge into a way of life. Whether it’s embracing new meat-free meals such as vegan avocado quesadillas and faux-chicken sandwiches or learning about the ways in which cows and other animals suffer on factory farms, there are plenty of reasons to consider a meat-free diet.

I tried it for a week and I thought it was awesome.

Did you know that each vegetarian saves the lives of more than 100 animals every year? That means you have the chance to save 100 living, breathing animals who are no different from the dogs or cats you might have at home. And you can save them just by eating a bean burrito for lunch instead of beef.

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  • Profile photo of ofmicetheveil

    1099 days ago

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    Real Friends are the best, I just saw them live a few days ago and they are the sweetest guys ever! I believe Eric one of the guitarist is a vegan as well!

    • Profile photo of jazzygtrz

      47 days ago

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      I just saw them 3 months ago at a local skate store for their 5 dollar tour, and they are just the nicest guys ever. i got to hang with them after the show! they really are the best!

  • Profile photo of eeethann

    1106 days ago

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    I love Real Friends so much

  • Profile photo of CheyenneStarr

    1113 days ago

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    Cant believe these boys played in a small town like mine a few years back!!! Seein them every where.(: