Steve Aoki Strips Down for peta2

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For anyone immersed in electronic and dance music, the name Steve Aoki is synonymous with the scene. As a longtime producer who owns his own record label and fashion-forward clothing line, Aoki has collaborated with everyone from Will.I.Am to Travis Barker. He has created some of the most exciting chart-topping remixes to date, and they can be heard blasting out of dance floor speakers from London to Los Angeles. Now Aoki is taking time away from his jet-set lifestyle to let everyone know that there’s nothing fashionable about wearing fur.

Steve Aoki for peta2
Steve Aoki for peta2
The number of celebrities who are speaking out against the fur industry is no surprise. Stylish stunners, including Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta and Chicago’s current queen bee Kid Sister, have taken a stand against animals being beaten to death, electrocuted, and skinned alive in the name of “excess.” There is nothing fashionable about the cruelty associated with fur industry. Denied everything that is natural and important to them, animals on fur farms spend every day in agony before meeting a gruesome death. Many top designers and trendsetting stores—including Stella McCartney, Betsey Johnson, Ralph Lauren, Forever 21, and H&M—have dropped fur from their collections.

When asked why he chose to speak out against the fur industry, Aoki said: “I’ve been a supporter of PETA ever since I got turned on to animal rights when I was 14. After reading Ingrid Newkirk’s book in high school, PETA became more and more an influence throughout my adolescence. Now over 15 years later, I am still a supporter and proud to be a spokesperson for peta2.”

Steve Aoki would rather get arrested naked than wear fur. Learn more about where fur really comes from, and then take peta2’s pledge to be fur-free.



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    I wouldn’t wear fur for any reason or any amount of money…it’s like wearing death. I’m pledged fur-free for life. 🙂