Stick to Your Guns!

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Stick to Your Guns

Hailing from Orange County, California, comes a melodic hardcore band with heart—Stick to Your Guns! With their recent release, Comes From the Heart, the band sends a positive message with many of the songs (my favorite track is “Enough Is Enough”), proving that the album title is a perfect fit.

After catching up with Jesse Barnett and guitarist Ryan “The Dog” Nelson backstage, we found that they noticeably have a heart not only for humans but also for animals! Never ones to be shy about their beliefs, Jesse and Ryan let us know exactly how they feel about everything from their vegetarian diets to adopting animals from animal shelters.

Out of the many issues that we work with, the one that seems to get Jesse riled up the most is animal testing. Not only does Jesse support products that aren’t tested on animals, he also believes that consumers should be able to figure out by reading the label if a product that they’ve purchased was tested on an animal.

Check out all the other wonderful things that Jesse and Ryan had to say below!

You like them even more now, don’t you? I thought so. Make sure that you keep an eye on the band’s MySpace page for new tour dates, as they’ll be coming to a city near you. Maybe you’ll even see Jesse wearing his peta2 shirts!

Thinking about giving up meat like Jesse and Ryan? It’s easy! Take the “Pledge to Be Veg” today, stick with a vegetarian diet, and get stoked that you’re saving at least 100 animals a year by doing so!



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