The Faint's Jacob Thiele

Posted by  peta2 staff

“Take Me to the Hospital”? No, wait … “Worked Up So Sexual”? “Glass Danse”? What about the new single, “The Geeks Were Right”? Obviously, I have a very hard time picking my favorite song by The Faint, because they all make me want to have a dance party in my room!

What’s even better than a band that inspires me to have bedroom dance parties? A band with compassionate people in it! Despite his busy schedule, we met up backstage with keyboardist Jacob Thiele and talked about everything from the cruel fur industry to how unbelievably easy it is to be vegetarian. Check it out …

After talking with Jacob, it became pretty obvious that not only did he know his animal rights topics in and out, he also is not at all silent about the unnecessary suffering that animals have to endure for meals or clothing. Jacob revealed to us that years ago, he was even involved in some demonstrations for PETA’s Burger King campaign (which, duh, we won)!

Your voice should be heard, too, so if you haven’t already done so, make sure you join our Street Team so that you can speak up for animals in your own way!



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