Top 10 Animal Rights Riffs

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All of us at peta2 got together, with our iPods in hand, to compile a list of our favorite animal rights-related songs of all time. There was some yelling (someone kept screaming “Cows With Guns”) and a little bit of hair-pulling—and a few yo’ mama jokes—but somehow we managed to come to an agreement about the top 10 tracks.

Propagandhi: “Apparently, I’m a ‘P.C. Fascist’ (Because I Care About Both Human and Non-Human Animals)”
Here at peta2’s office, it’s not uncommon   to hear the words “Propagandhi” and “best band ever” really close together. Listen to this song if you’ve ever had a friend who gave you shit for being vegan. Visit their Web site.
Dead Prez: “Be Healthy”
Every time we walk down a grocery aisle, you’ll catch us singing “Lentil soup is mental fruit …” What can we say? We’re from the old school. Our households smell like tofu. Visit their Web site.
Most Precious Blood: “Diet for a New America”
This song, named after the stellar book by John Robbins, is probably the best track from the band’s Merciless. Metalcore fans everywhere should give “Diet” a listen and, you know, stop eating animals already. Visit their MySpace page.
Goldfinger: “Behind the Mask”
Goldfinger’s John Feldmann won our hearts with his solo recording of“Free Me,” but this one is equally motivational and downright awesome. Featuring pieces of a speech by Ingrid Newkirk! Buy it on iTunes. Visit their Web site.
Earth Crisis: “Biomachines”
There are so many things one could say about these hardcore demigods that we don’t even know where to start. This song will make you stoked about going out to protest animal experimentation. Visit Victory Records’ Web site.
Gorilla Biscuits: “Cats and Dogs”
Honestly, could we have such a list and not include GB? We were right up front for the CBGB’s reunion last year, singing along to this ode to all animals, cute and otherwise. Oh Civ, we love you so. Buy it on iTunes. Visit Revelation Records’ Web site.
Nellie McKay: “Columbia Is Bleeding”
We couldn’t find this song on iTunes, but fortunately, we have the exclusive video for the song right here on! All you “doctors” torturing animals in labs at Columbia University beware: Nellie has your number. Visit her Web site.
Skinny Puppy: “Testure”
It was hard to choose Skinny Puppy’s best track, since the entire VIVIsectVIalbum is mind-blowing. After a vote and a few games of rock-paper-scissors, “Testure” won. Visit their Web site.
The Smiths: “Meat Is Murder”
One day Morrissey is going to announce that The Smiths are getting back together, and we’ll be among the mass of rockabilly kids who line up to sing along to this vegetarian anthem. We’ll be the ones with the cuffed jeans and quiffs … oh wait. Visit their official fan Web site.
Fear Factory: “Crash Test”
Try and tell Fear Factory that you think testing on animals is OK and you might get your teeth kicked in. Seriously—don’t mess with those guys. Crash! Test! Visit their Web site.

There was a ton of songs that we wanted to include on here, so Prince, if you’re reading this, please don’t be offended that you didn’t make the cut. “Purple Rain” was about factory farming, wasn’t it? If you think there’s a song that should have made the list, let us know in the comments below.



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    The best animal rights related song I know of is “Holocaust” by Mistro, its amazing 🙂