History of Animal Rights

History can be a way boring subject—unless you’re writing your paper about animal rights. This movement has been around for ages and has gone through loads of changes. The history of animal rights is a paper topic that you’ll never forget about—and your classmates won’t either.

History of Animal Experimentation

The early days of animal rights centered around the issue of vivisection.

Despite scientific evidence, some individuals continue to needlessly and ruthlessly destroy animals. For further information regarding the fight to end cruel animal experimentation, especially regarding current issues within the U.S.—such as new laws that allow animal abuse to continue simply because the animal is a rodent or bird, click here. For current information regarding animal experimentation within the U.K., please go here.

In the U.S., the EPA requires more animal-based chemical toxicity testing than any other federal agency. Yet in more than 10 years, the EPA has not banned a single toxic industrial chemical. If you are a resident of the U.S., your tax dollars fund unnecessary animal experiments. For more on the EPA and animal testing, click here.

And—despite a commitment to reduce the use of animals in European laboratories by 50 percent by the year 2000—a new European Union chemicals policy could kill millions of animals in horrific poisoning tests.

On October 29, 2003, the animal protection community’s worst fears were realized with the publication of the E.U.’s final draft legislation for a new E.U. Chemicals Policy. This massive plan amounts to nothing more than a futile data-gathering exercise, as thousands of chemicals that are already in use will be put through a battery of outdated, cruel, and inaccurate animal tests. Instead, new non-animal tests are needed to gather information on chemicals. Non-animal tests are faster, cheaper, and, above all, an ethically acceptable way forward for chemical assessment.

History of Factory Farming

Factory farms haven’t always been around. Although small family farms are still promoted as reality, today’s factory farms have little in common with picturesque farms in children’s books. Find out a bit about the progression of farming toward the infamously cruel practices of factory farming.

PETA’s Factory farming factsheet detailing the horrific conditions.

Factory Farming in the United Kingdom (very similar to that of the United States).

History of farming in the Netherlands (also quite similar to that of the United States).

Disturbing statistics about farming techniques and the environment and constantly updated tallies of the environmental degradation caused by factory farms.

Brief history of the progression toward factory farming and how it is bad for humans as well as animals.

Factory farming exploits broken down by animal.

Other groups with factory farming campaigns:

History of a Humane Diet

Vegans have always been around, but the term “vegan” hasn’t. Read about how it started and how it has grown.

Learn about the contemporary issues of veganism and get information about how to make the switch yourself—and convince others to do the same!

Click here for a great introduction to veganism.



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