Just because something is considered “normal” by many people doesn’t make it right. Luckily, we can stand up and fight for animals with our voices and our actions. Whether it’s making an everyday decision like going vegan or educating your friends about what’s wrong with fur—everything that you do can make a difference. Get educated and take a stand!

Animals Are Not Ours To Eat

Most animals who end up on your plate come from factory farms—where they are denied everything natural to them. See how to help end their suffering!


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Animals Are Not Ours To Wear

No one thinks animals should be bludgeoned, suffocated, or skinned alive, right? All these things happen to animals killed for their skin and fur.


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Animals Are Not Ours To Experiment On

Animal testing cannot be done without causing innocent animals pain and suffering. Think animal testing saves lives? Think again.

Experiment On

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Animals Are Not Ours To Use For Entertainment

Most people go to circuses, zoos, or marine parks because they “love animals” but don’t know what happens behind the scenes. Find out what really happens!

Use For Entertainment

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Animals Are Not Ours To Abuse

Animals exist for their own reasons—they don’t want to be trapped, taken from their families, confined to cages or tanks, beaten, neglected, or killed.