Annie's Vegan Closet Tour!

Posted by  Annie Leal

Friend: “Hey, do you have anything I could borrow to wear tonight?”
BEST FRIEND: “Hey, bish!” *opens closet and proceeds to try on your clothes without asking*

There’s really nothing more intimate than letting someone into your closet! That’s where you keep your oh-so-guilty pair of leopard print sweat pants, the handbag that everyone compliments you on and whose shop of origin you refuse to reveal, and that waaaay too tight pair of jeans that you’ll totally fit back into once they stop making Oreos.

Once you see a person’s closet, you are basically besties for life. That’s why I’m giving YOU a tour of my closet! (Pls, pls, be my friend!)

Oh, and of course, everything in my closet is 100 percent CRUELTY-FREE! Finding vegan clothes, shoes, and accessories has never been easier. There’s simply no excuse for torturing and killing cute animals in the name of fashion.

annie gif closet

Check it out:

P.S. YAAAS, I know I’m addicted to shoes. We’ll deal with that issue never later.

bye annie gif


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