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Caring ConsumerCollege is great for making friends, doing new things, and learning about all sorts of stuff, but the downside is that you’re on your own when it comes to keeping yourself and your dorm clean. Luckily, we’ve put together some info for you so that you can make sure no bunnies suffer as a result. Really, if you knew what happens to animals in labs, including those who are used to test consumer products, you might just throw up. Well, you’d at least think about buying cruelty-free, and that’s probably a better idea in the long run anyway.

Keep in mind that while this is a pretty useful page, the complete list of companies that do and that do not test on animals can be found here. Plus, many of the companies included below, like Tom’s of Maine and method, offer a huge variety of products, so click on the links and prepare to be overwhelmed with cruelty-free stuff.

Put This Stuff on Your Body

Deodorant: Sometimes it’s not the hygiene-impaired roommate or moldy sandwiches that stink up a room—know what we’re saying? So take a shower and slap on some deodorant. Kiss My Face has some quality goods for guys and girls, as does Lush.

Toothpaste: If you’ve ever bought toothpaste, you’ve probably seen Tom’s of Maine. (And please tell us that you’ve bought toothpaste.) Other popular lines of oral care products come from JASON and Nature’s Gate.

Kiss My FaceSoap: Dr. Bronner’s products are fabulous. In addition to being cruelty-free and made with a lot of fair-trade ingredients, these soaps are supposedly “magical”! Look for them at your local health-food store or online. Check out Clearly Natural (which even has bubble bath!) and Kiss My Face as well.

Lotion: Healthy, moisturized skin doesn’t need to be attained with the blood of tortured animals. That’s why companies like JASONThe Body Shop, and Lush have policies against animal testing.

Shaving Products: Testing on animals for shaving products? Pshaw! Norelco and Conair don’t test on our animal friends, and you can check out some nice shaving cream from Tom’s of Maine or Nature’s Gate.

Cosmetics: This list could go on and on, but some peta2 favorites include Aveda,MACRevlon, and Urban Decay. Check out these companies for everything from nail polish to stage makeup.

Put This Stuff on Your Stuff

methodLaundry Products: Sure, you love the freedom that college provides, but what about the new chores, like—gasp!—doing your own laundry? To make your Sunday afternoons as fresh and fun as possible, check out method for dryer cloths, fabric softener, and detergent or Earth Friendly Products for items including bleach and spray starch—yeah, we’re not sure what to do with that either.

Dish Detergents: Seventh Generation‘s dishwashing liquid is available in just about every health-food store in the country, plus larger chain stores like Albertsons. You can also see whatSun and Earth has to offer.

Cleaning Products: Even with cruelty-free products, the motivation to scrub a shower or clean the toilet bowl isn’t ever going to come easy, but even so, Ecover has products such as toilet bowl cleaner, method has shower cleaner, and Seventh Generation offers carpet cleaner. So if you’re ever feeling up for it, you know what to do.

And More …

Whether it’s extra-strength hand cleaner after those art projects, tissues for a sick day, or air freshener when cracking a window won’t get rid of your roommate’s B.O., any product you can think of comes in a cruelty-free variety. In addition to all the above options, the store brands of cosmetics and household products from chains including The Body Shop, Food Lion, Pathmark, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Wild Oats are not tested on animals! There are also entirely vegan, cruelty-free companies that will deliver to your door, including PangeaVegan Essentials, and many others found through So go shopping and get clean!



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