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Break out the sunscreen and dust off the cut-offs: Summer’s almost here! Besides being a great time to hit the road or catch your favorite bands, it’s also a great time for throwing cookouts with friends. Grilling vegan’s always been easy—thank you, Boca!—but now you can get creative with our custom cookout builder. Just pick one item from each category, and you’re set.


Let’s start with the most important meal of the season. Whether they’re “cheesy,” saucy, spicy, or guac-y, they’re always delicious! Pick one of these burgers:

Avo-Bella-Mozzarella-Veggie-Burgers-Recipe-v3 Cheesy-Black-Bean-Burgers-v3 Guacamole-Burgers-v3 vegan-chicken-parm-burger-v3

P.S. If you love these, check out our Veggie Burger Project so that you’ll get your fill all year round!


Now your burger needs a sidekick! Try one of these mouthwatering dishes to round out any cookout:

Avo-Bella-Mozzarella-Veggie-Burgers-Recipe-v3 beansandrice-2-v3 cashew-mac-and-cheese-v3 Spicy-Texas-Chili-Fries-Featured-v3

Frozen Sweets

Right up there with grass stains and the smell of artificial coconut, cold treats are a hallmark of summer. Pick one (or all) of these sweets:

vanilla-ice-cubes-recipe-featured-v3 watermelon-lemonade-v3

Chocolate-Dipped-Bananas-Recipe-Featured-v3 froyo-popsicle-v3

Don’t forget …

Remember the essentials:


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