7 DIY Vegan Beauty Hacks

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We love treating ourselves to a spa day just as much as the next person, but there’s no point in spending tons of money just to regain all our “worry wrinkles” after taking a look at the bill. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of our favorite spa treatments that you can do right at home. Oh, and the best part? They’re totally cruelty-free!

Hand and Foot Exfoliant

Strawberries are great in smoothies, vegan yogurt, and pancakes … and on feet?! Yep, these yummy berries do an excellent job of softening hands and feet. This scrub is SUPER-easy to make and only uses three ingredients.

  • Mash all the ingredients together, then spread on your feet or hands. Rinse afterward. Makes 1 application.

Face Mask

Who would waste a perfect avocado on anything besides heavenly guacamole? Well, that’s just how awesome this face mask is. Avocados are packed with tons of vitamins and minerals that are perfect for skin. We only used half an avocado because, c’mon, we still need to get our guac on!

  • Mix both of the ingredients together, then apply the mixture to your face. Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse. Makes 1 mask.

Knee and Elbow Exfoliant

Tired of dry knees and elbows? We are! That’s why we love this beauty hack. 

  • Cut the orange in half and use it to exfoliate your knees and elbows. Makes 1 application.

Eye Circle Remover

Have dark circles under your eyes after partying studying too much? Mint to the rescue! 

  • Crush the mint leaves in a bowl, then place around your eyes. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse. Makes 1 application.

Lip Scrub

Soft lips, AND you get to smell like a freaking brownie? SIGN US UP!

  • Mix all the ingredients together, then apply to your lips and gently rub for at least 1 minute. Wipe off with a wet cloth. Makes 1 scrub.

Eye Pads

It’s great that you’re speaking up for animals and racking up Street Team points by completing our super-easy online missions, but your eyes might get a little tired after sitting in front of the computer. That’s where our cucumber eye pads come in. Yep, cucumbers are not just a spa-movie myth. This refreshing fruit actually helps cool and hydrate the eyes!

  • Blend the cucumber until liquefied. (You might need to add some water to help it completely blend.)
  • Soak the cotton pads in the fresh cucumber juice, then gently squeeze out any excess juice by pressing the pads between your palms.
  • Separate the pads into different plastic sandwich bags and freeze.
  • For use, remove 2 cucumber pads from the freezer and thaw slightly before placing over your eyes for 10 minutes. Makes 10 eye pads.

Facial Scrub

We ❤ you, but we’re just being honest when we say that everyone can tell that you’ve had a rough morning just by looking at your face (too harsh?). But hey, there’s always a solution! Try our coffee facial scrub for the perfect pick-me-up that your skin is oh-so craving.

  • Mix the coffee grounds and oil together in a container. Rub a dollop gently into your skin, then rinse thoroughly. Makes 1 scrub.

We hope you love these DIY beauty hacks as much as we do. But remember: There’s nothing more beautiful than being kind and compassionate (and you already have that down!)

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