Free Stickers for Independence Day!

Independence Day (and the big Fourth of July party weekend!) is coming up fast! How do you plan to celebrate your freedom? By hitting the beach or another vacay spot, hanging with friends, or throwing a BBQ?

skateboarder Independence Day 4th of July

Well, whatever you do, take a minute to think about the animals who AREN’T free this Fourth of July, and choose to take part in some compassionate celebrations in their honor!

Read on for easy ways to help animals and score FREE STICKERS!

peta2 4th of July patriotic Free For All Nugget


Dig backyard parties and grilling? Opt for tasty cruelty-free foods:

4th of July vegan food collage


Want to get out of town for a little R & R? Animals in zoos, marine parks, and circuses NEVER get a vacation, so choose animal-free activities:

4th of July activities collage


Heading outdoors or to a big party? Make sure that no bunnies, cats, dogs, or other animals were tortured for that sunscreen, lipstick, or shine spray:

4th of July animal testing collage


Wherever you go, show off some great fashion by choosing leather-free products like the brand-new peta2 vegan shoe by Macbeth!

peta2 "Gatsby" vegan Macbeth shoe collage


If you think that your dog is scared of fireworks, imagine how scary life must be for dogs who are trapped in puppy mills.


  •  Take a lesson from Lil Bub and help end the overpopulation crisis!

peta2 free sticker Speciesism SucksNow that you’ve helped animals, what about those FREE STICKERS that we mentioned? Just fill in the form below, and we’ll send ya 10 of our “Speciesism Sucks” stickers!

Note: This form is limited to one order per e-mail address every 30 days. At this time, orders can be shipped to the U.S., the U.K., and Canada ONLY.  If you live outside these countries, check out peta2′s FREE printable sticker sheets instead!



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