Check Your Makeup Bag for Dead Animals!

Quick, check your makeup bag! Is there a dead animal in there? It’s very possible that your answer will be yes. Many, many makeup brushes are made out of animal hair! We know that you’re thinking yours were too cheap to be made from real animal hair, but the truth is that even inexpensive makeup brushes are often made from raccoon or squirrel fur. GROSS!
makeup brushes

We’re here to help make sure that the makeup brushes you’re buying are fur-free. Before you buy your next makeup brush, check to see what it’s made of. You’ll be surprised to find out how many are made from animal fur. Don’t worry! There are fur-free options available—you just have to look for them.

Brushes made out of synthetic bristles are easy to find. Here are some of the brands we ♥:


Remember that synthetic bristles aren’t just saving animals. They’re also saving your skin! Since synthetic bristles aren’t porous like animal and human hair, they don’t trap bacteria as easily. That’s right—synthetic bristles can lead to clearer skin, and who doesn’t want that?

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