A Day of Eats: Andrea


A day of eats and treats always starts the same for me …

vegan-starbucks-order… with a glorious Venti Soy Misto with a pump of sugar-free vanilla from Starbucks! I’m the peta2 staffer behind our Twitter and Facebook pages, so I scurry into the office at 7 a.m. every morning with the rest of the Marketing Department. Early mornings require coffee. Always. 😉

saltine-crackers-veganI almost feel like this snack needs a disclaimer because it is SO boring. Saltines were all I had in my desk! We’re right by a 7-Eleven and a glance at our handy Guide to Vegan Grocery Shopping let me know that I could buy these, so I did, and they ended up sitting in my drawer. Boring snack or not, I knew I was going home to take my pups out and enjoy these for lunch:


Mexican pizza! HOLY. YUM. I’ve been sharing the recipe on Twitter and couldn’t get the craving out of my head. So good and so easy to make! Plus, they’re a great way to sneak some veggies in when you’re not typically a veggie lover.

vegan-rice-crispy-treatWhen I got home from work, I had a package of vegan goodies waiting for me. A friend organized a vegan food swap, and my swap buddy did a great job! I couldn’t resist breaking right into this Sweet & Sara rice crispy treat! It counts as fuel for (graduate school) homework, right?

pizza-for-dinnerAnd my dinner, straight from Instagram! I know … I can’t help but be one of those “Let me show off my delish vegan food!” people. We quickly threw together some homemade TVP meatballs and added sauce, cheese, and broccoli to a pre-made crust, and dinner was served … all while our little Oscar stared and hoped that we happened to fumble a slice:


He didn’t get that lucky!


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