The Most Vegan-Friendly Venues in America

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So … you know how it is. You’re out seeing your favorite hero for animals, like Rise Against or Never Shout Never. The music is great, but you came right from class and missed out on dinner. So you’re hungry, and your tummy is making the weirdest noises! You’re probably wondering, “What the heck is vegan here?!”

We’re celebrating rockstar food items at some of the most vegan-friendly concert venues across the nation!

You’ll strangely love Strange Matter in Richmond, Virginia, because it offers appetizing vegan eats, such as vegan buffalo wings and ranch dressing, vegan chili and sandwiches, veggie burgers, dairy-free mac and cheese, and vegan doughnuts. Almost everything on the menu can be made vegan.

The Black Cat in Washington, D.C., offers tasty vegan options, such as vegan nachos, fried zucchini, veggie dogs, vegan lasagne, BBQ seitan, vegan cupcakes and pies, and a ton of other mouthwatering dishes that rock harder than the bands playing.

The Middle East Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts, offers scrumptious Middle Eastern cuisine with a vegan flare! In case you didn’t know, falafel makes for the best after-show snack ever.

Picture this: You’re checking out your favorite band.
Now picture this: You’re checking out your favorite band while eating vegan ice cream.

Am I right? This dream becomes a reality at Union Transfer in Philadelphia!



What’s better than eating breakfast in the morning?

Eating breakfast in the mosh pit!

The awesome folks at Minneapolis’ Triple Rock Social Club are cooking breakfast! Enjoy delicious pancakes, scrambled tofu, and “sausages” … ALL VEGAN, of course.

And let’s not forget about the venues nationwide that are serving slices of vegan pizza!


Remember always to thank venues for offering vegan options and encourage them to carry some of your favorite vegan foods if they don’t!


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