Loads of Vegan Snacks at 7-Eleven

What’s that? You didn’t know that 7-Eleven is a vegan mecca of snacks?! Well, that’s why we’re here for you!


Let’s just say that exploring to find the plethora of vegan options at 7-Eleven was the MOST FUN assignment we’ve had to do in a while.Truthfully, this required very little research because we shop at 7-Eleven all the time. When we want something quick or some Diet Coke or just when we don’t feel like waiting in a long line, we’ll hit up the closest 7-Eleven to fill our vegan snack-attack needs.

Here’s a shocker: 7-Eleven’s brand of cookies and pies are vegan!


They have mint-chocolate cookies, vanilla cookies with chocolate stripes, vanilla wafers, and an entire selection of sandwich cookies that are all vegan. They also sell vegan apple hand pies and cherry ones, too! Just flip the box over and check out the ingredients: no milk, eggs, gelatin, or ANYTHING ELSE that comes from a living, feeling being.

If you want some classic candy for a movie night, try Red Vines!


Skittles stopped putting gelatin in its candy.


7-Eleven even carries individual packaged jumbo Keebler wafer bars!

Be sure to keep an eye out on the peanut butter version of this bar—it often sells out near our office ... too many vegan elves scurrying over to get a Keebler fix! 😉

Those Complete Cookies are vegan and are FULL of protein. This is a huge cookie—perfect for sharing … or not.


If you’re looking for something savory, try the Fritos bean dip! Watch out for the nacho version—only the original and the hot variety are dairy-free.


Chex Mix is addictingly good and completely vegan, too.


We left out potato chips and tortilla chips, BUT always be sure to flip over the package and look at the bolded text. If they contain milk, you’ll see it right on the bag.

Before anyone gets angrrryyyy over all the snack foods—check out these awesome healthier options!

vegan-fresh-fast-food copy

There’s PLENTY of fresh fruit, salads, and smoothies available at 7-Eleven. We even found a dressing that was dairy-free!

Next time you’re in a pinch, having a snack attack, or tagging along with some friends—you’ll be able to join in and get your grub on! If 7-Eleven isn’t proof that veganism is spreading far and wide, well … we just don’t know what is!

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Write Animal Rights Messages in Yearbooks!

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  • 52 days ago

    Awesome! This is going to be handy in a few weeks, I’ll be visiting NYC and need to watch my spending. I’m not exactly going to live on cookies and skittles all weekend lol but it’s good to know I have some easy snack options if I get hungry while wandering in a neighbourhood with no cheap vegan friendly restaurants. And it’s always fun to try goodies that we don’t often see in Canadian stores. I’m super stoked to try those Keebler bars and the Complete cookies. I may or may not come home with a suitcase full of them 😉

  • Profile photo of rainbowskittles

    59 days ago

    Where I live there is no 7-11 stores :( The closest one is 158 miles away

  • Profile photo of allymp507

    133 days ago

    Woo! Thanks 7-11

  • Profile photo of SaveTilikum

    274 days ago

    Being vegan is easier than I thought! 😀

  • Profile photo of punkrockalien

    300 days ago

    This is fantastic, didn’t know any of these were vegan. Don’t have to give up my favorite snacks! 😀

    • Profile photo of CaseyRedd

      298 days ago

      So true! Being vegan is super easy :)

  • Profile photo of cutiekinnsismycatfriend

    310 days ago

    This is hella cool!! 😀

  • Profile photo of Crazygirlnextdoor17

    326 days ago

    That is cool! Many companies are teaming up with 7-11. I should definitely keep this in mind. Thanks!

  • Profile photo of VEGANGIRL3080

    699 days ago

    very cpool

  • Profile photo of yourxgorgeousxnightmare

    711 days ago

    Are all skittles flavors vegan? Or just the flavor pictured?

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      707 days ago

      All Skittles flavors should now be vegan. To be safe, always make sure gelatin isn’t listed in the ingredients. :)

  • Profile photo of rubyredkristin@gmail.com

    759 days ago

    But Skittles are tested on animals?!!!?

  • Profile photo of Bookbee

    782 days ago

    Peta2 manufactures vegan snacks? This is the first time I’ve seen their logo on a packaged food. That’s so cool!

    • Profile photo of Whitney-C

      781 days ago

      Actually, our logo isn’t listed on any of these brands. We sure do <3 ’em all, though!

    • Profile photo of Bookbee

      778 days ago

      Really? But why does that cherry pie say peta2?

      • Profile photo of Whitney-C

        777 days ago

        That’s just a fun “7-Eleven” version of our logo that’s at the bottom of this image. It happens to fall on top of the cherry pie, but it’s not actually on the pie wrapper itself. :)

  • Profile photo of alexblue

    791 days ago

    Supercool that they sell Clif Bars…love the new Mini size!

  • 793 days ago

    Last time I looked (years ago) Skittles had gelatin in them. Has this changed? Can I finally taste the rainbow???

    • Profile photo of jeannejain

      781 days ago

      The article states Skittles stopped putting gelatin in its candy.

  • Profile photo of Ratatattat

    796 days ago

    I love naked~ though… i would advise people not to drink diet sodas. they may be vegan (as far as i know) but they have some nasty stuff in it that is really bad for you, worse even then normal soda! (aspartame and other fake sugars)

  • Profile photo of jhlfbnj

    796 days ago

    this is great! i think there’s actually a 7/11 by my high school so this is perfect :)